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US Wind holds the lease for an exciting off-shore wind project 17 miles off the coast from Ocean City. With an investment of $2.5 billion, the Maryland project is the largest offshore wind farm in the United States.

The project will leverage US Wind’s extensive international experience to create a local sustainable footprint in Maryland’s economic base.

Plans call for installing 32 turbines in 20-30 meters of water, 17 miles offshore. A substation will collect the energy from the turbines and transmit the electricity to the shore using underwater cables.

The Maryland project is expected to produce up to 250 MW of power, which will meet 100 percent of Maryland’s off-shore wind renewable energy goals. This is enough power for more than +/- 76,000 Maryland homes.

The project is anticipated to come online in early 2021, with an operational life expectancy of more than 25 years. Over its lifetime the project will support hundreds of highly skilled jobs in engineering, construction and operation.

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U.S. Wind Maryland Offshore Wind Project At-A-Glance

US Wind’s Maryland Offshore Wind Project will:

  • Install up to 187 turbines
  • Establish 5,000 jobs in the well-paying construction and manufacturing fields
  • Create a net-export industry for Maryland
  • Provide a $16 billion net economic benefit for Maryland
  • Spur $190 million on investment in critical infrastructure
  • Support nearly 100 long-term operations and maintenance careers

 Economic Benefits Of Offshore Wind

  • Energy Security: Price is fixed for 25+years
  • Reliability of Service Improvements
  • Electrical service reliability will improve dramatically; saving ratepayers tens of million of dollars in congestion fees
  • 100’s of millions of dollars will be invested in new port infrastructure and upgrades: Zero cost fuel requires grid operators to dispatch offshore wind power first
  • Ratepayer Protections
    • Geopolitical instability
    • OPEC Price Gouging
    • Congestion fee relief